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God is good all the time
Like sun that shines and stars that glow
All creation sings this song–
The birds that soar, the flow’rs that grow.

God is love all the time
A love so large it must be shared
Every sorrow, every tear
Redeemed by God’s unfailing care.

God is just all the time
God’s mercy welcomes great and small
Age to age we hear God’s voice —
God calls on us to care for all.

God is good all the time
God’s steadfast love is ever sure
All God’s creatures join the song:
Forever will God’s love endure!


Just as flowers in the springtime,
As the days grow bright and long,
Spread their roots and reach toward heaven
Joining in creation’s song,
You are rooted in Christ Jesus,
Nourished by God’s love and grace.
As you live your life continue
To grow strong in hope and faith.

As the leaves of trees in summer
Stretch and grow up to the heights,
Making food for future seasons
From the energy of light,
So may you look toward the brightness 
Of God’s word in all its truth,
And then living in the Spirit
Bring forth good and precious fruit.

Live your life in Christ abounding
In thanksgiving, worship, praise.
Clothe yourself with Christ’s compassion,
Practice kindness in your ways.
May the peace of Christ live in you
And uphold you all your days.
Glorify the God who loves you
As you work and serve and praise.

Colossians 2:6-7
and Colossians 3:12-17

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For the children of Grace Lutheran School
Fall 2018

Each one a child of God,
Each one called to this place
Where every day the Spirit leads
Each one to know God’s grace.

As one we praise God’s name.
As one we hear God’s word.
In patience and humility
We learn and grow and serve.

One mission ours to share,
As Christians great and small:
To show God’s love to everyone
And live at peace with all.

Thus many voices sing
In clamorous unison
The praise of Jesus Christ who died,
Who lives and makes us one.


Ephesians 4:1–6

Fall 2018


For the children of Grace Lutheran School
In memory of Kristoffer James Grahnke

By grace I’m saved, by grace I’m free
Through eyes of faith, God’s grace I see.
In sins forgiv’n, in life made new,
God’s grace is shining, pure and true.

When life is hard, when I am sad
I trust God’s grace to make me glad.
My Jesus leads and lights the way
And shows me grace in each new day.

So in each moment giv’n to me
I’ll praise God’s name and tenderly
Spread joy and peace in ev’ry place
And with my life proclaim God’s grace.

August 13, 2017

For the children of Grace Lutheran School
Fall 2016

We, who are many, are one body in Christ,
and individually we are members one of another.
Romans 12:5

Each one of was made by God
As different as can be.
You may not know my thoughts and dreams,
I may not see the world you see.
Yet we can join in prayer and song
Together to proclaim
That Christ is living here in us
And we are one in Jesus’ name.

For we have all been called in love
To live our lives anew,
United by our faith in Christ,
We care for one another, too.
When you are hurt, I weep with you.
I smile when you rejoice.
And though we sometimes disagree
We thank and praise God with one voice.

Our unity is Spirit led;
In faith we share Christ’s peace.
With open hearts and hands we pray
That faith and joy and hope increase,
And blessed by God may we in turn
In speech and actions show
The grace of heaven revealed on earth
As here we serve and love and grow.


For the children of Grace Lutheran School
Fall 2015

As the wind on the water makes the waves rise and fall
As the breeze in the treetops makes the leaves bow and nod
So the Spirit breathing gently
in our hearts and in our lives
Moves our souls to know our Maker, to arise and praise our God.

As the match and the kindling spark the wood into fire
As the sun warms the soil and turns the seeds into flowers
So the Spirit shining brightly
in our hearts and in our lives
Guides our souls to trust our Savior, to embrace God’s loving power.

As the stories in scripture show God’s work in the world
As the hard times of life reveal God’s hope in our hearts
So the Spirit’s patient caring
in our hearts and in our lives
Makes us servants in God’s kingdom, to go out and seek and serve.

Holy Spirit, our Guide and our Teacher, please lead us now
As the children of God to gladly answer your call
That our thinking and our actions,
all that’s in our hearts and lives,
May proclaim your grace among us and your saving love for all.


For the children of Grace Lutheran School
Fall 2014

How pleasant it is when all of God’s children
Dwell together in unity,
Breaking bread and singing praises,
People of faith by God’s love made free.

How noisy it is when all of God’s children,
Follow joyfully our Savior’s lead,
Feed the hungry, teach the curious
Working together, serve those in need.

How holy it is when all of God’s children
Pray together “thy kingdom come.”
Blessed Spirit, dwell among us
Heal our divisions and make us one.

Scripture references
Ps. 133:1
John 17:22-23
1 Cor. 12:12-27

For the children of Grace Lutheran School
Fall 2013

When I sleep, before the dawn,
I’m walking in the light of God.
When I wake and all day long,
I’m walking in the light of God.
In that light I’m called to be
Jesus’ child, from sin made free.
From morn to night this is my song–
I’m walking in the light of God.

When there’s grief along the way
Still walking in the light of God,
I remind myself and pray
While walking in the light of God.
Though I’m scared and feel alone
By God’s grace I will be shown
That even on the darkest day
I’m walking in the light of God.

Saints and angels all come too,
We’re walking in the light of God.
Chosen people—me and you,
We’re walking in the light of God.
Sent into a world of need
Following our Savior’s lead
Praising Christ in all we do
We’re walking in the light of God.

For the children of Grace Lutheran School
Fall 2008

Because we were sinners, Christ came to be
Savior and Servant and Lord.
Baptized in his name, made holy and free
His children are called to serve.

Jesus who lived on the earth and who died
Jesus who rose and who reigns
Jesus has called us to walk in his ways
To serve one another in love.

In love we speak truth with words that are kind
Words that speak justice and peace.
The way that we live together’s a sign
Of God’s kingdom here on earth.


When sisters and brothers sin and offend
Christians are called to forgive
As we ourselves daily trust and depend
On mercy from God above.


We ask for God’s help, as we seek to serve
Neighbors both far and close by.
The Spirit empow’rs our gifts and transforms
Each kindly word and deed.


No one shall be left in hunger or thirst
None left in lonely pain.
In love we recall the last shall be first
When God’s kingdom comes on earth.


Gwen Gotsch
June 30, 2008
Rev. August 5, 2008

At the Harvest, in the Autumn

At the harvest, in the autumn, at the waning of the year
As we come to count our blessings, we confront the ancient fear:
Is there enough? The bushels laid up—will they last until the spring?
Can we truly count on God for enough of everything?

In the winter, in the stillness, in a barren, cold new year
As we wait and watch, we worry if the springtime will appear:
Where is the light, the voice that called us from the shadows of the womb?
Will God come to lead the way through the darkness and the gloom?

When the buds along the tree branch remain brown and tightly furled
When the waters from the rainstorms rise and flood familiar worlds
When summer heat burns down relentless on our souls long parched and dry–
Oh, where is the God who hears when believers cry out, why?

We may rage and we may sorrow, feel new grief each time we wake.
The old friends we love may leave us, we may live with hearts that ache.
Yet Christ is here and walks beside us, knows our anger and our pain,
And is present and made known in what cannot be explained.

Anxious souls, trust your Creator, the great God of boundless grace
Whose redeeming love can enter every dark and lonely place
Praise Love unchanging, Love eternal, Love immediate and strong
Love that reaches into hearts and turns weeping into song.


Gwen Gotsch
Revised June 17 2012
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