For the children of Grace Lutheran School
Fall 2015

As the wind on the water makes the waves rise and fall
As the breeze in the treetops makes the leaves bow and nod
So the Spirit breathing gently
in our hearts and in our lives
Moves our souls to know our Maker, to arise and praise our God.

As the match and the kindling spark the wood into fire
As the sun warms the soil and turns the seeds into flowers
So the Spirit shining brightly
in our hearts and in our lives
Guides our souls to trust our Savior, to embrace God’s loving power.

As the stories in scripture show God’s work in the world
As the hard times of life reveal God’s hope in our hearts
So the Spirit’s patient caring
in our hearts and in our lives
Makes us servants in God’s kingdom, to go out and seek and serve.

Holy Spirit, our Guide and our Teacher, please lead us now
As the children of God to gladly answer your call
That our thinking and our actions,
all that’s in our hearts and lives,
May proclaim your grace among us and your saving love for all.