Communion hymn

Blessed are you, O Lord our God,
You bring forth bread from earth.
We plant the grain, we reap, we bake, 
Yet it is all your work.

Here in your sacred feast you come
To us as unseen guest,
Yet when the bread is lifted up
We recognize our host.

As broken one, as Lamb of God,
Your presence is made known.
Our troubled minds, our guilty hearts
You call to be your own.

The meal we celebrate reveals
The healing power of grace.
In golden wine we taste and see
The sunshine of your face.

Thus fed by you we go in peace
And serve as you command.
We work your fields, we till your soil
Blessed by your loving hand.

Originally written for Thanksgiving Day 2009, at Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest Illinois
Revised November, 2012.